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Ten Best Coaching Tips
By Rich Meiss

In our Coaching For Success Program, I mentor coaches by telling them - “if you don’t have a goal, you are not coaching, you are meddling!”  Good coaches clearly define the vision, values and goals of the project first, in order to coach effectively.   So here are my Ten Best Coaching Tips, based on my experience in working with managers and coaches.   

  1. Identify the vision, values and goals of the project.  “What does ‘good’ look like?”
  1. Recognize good performance.  “When you see it, say it!”
  1. Confront poor performance.  Remember that “what I allow, I teach!”
  1. Coach for values as well as results.  “How you do it is as important as what you do!”
  1. Be specific in describing behaviors and/or words.  “What did you see or hear?”  
  1. Become a confidant to others.  Help them discover their own best solutions, because “people don’t argue with their own data”!
  1. Motivate people in the direction you/they want to go, rather than away from what you/they want.  “What I really want is …”, or “What do you really, really want?”
  1. Help people recognize the impact of their behavior.  “When you do this, the result is…!”
  1. Use consequence statements for managing very difficult behavior.  “When you do this, this will be the result!”
  1. Remember the difference between managing and coaching.  Managing is about “getting things done”, while coaching is about “growing people while getting things done”!

Sometimes the only difference between a mediocre and stellar employee is a GREAT coach!

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