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Rich Meiss has worked with executive teams and managers for over 20 years in the areas of teambuilding, coaching and leadership. His leadership model consists of three key competencies: 1) Core Competencies (Self management, relationship management), 2) Leadership Competencies (Direction setting, team building, coaching, problem solving and decision making, and 3) Professional competencies (business acumen, project management, etc.). Rich works with leaders and managers primarily in the core competencies and the leadership competencies.

According to authors Buckingham and Clifton in the book Now Discover Your Strengths, “… the single most important determinant of individual performance is a person’s relationship with his or her immediate manager”. Gallup research of 80,000 managers in 400 companies indicates that the best leaders create a “great workplace - one that delivers the highest levels of productivity, profitability, employee retention and customer satisfaction”. Yet most managers and executives have never been coached or trained in how to do this.

Meiss Education Institute provides management and leadership seminars designed to help those in leadership roles coach, manage, develop and lead their people to improve performance and increase productivity.

Coaching for Success
Coaching is a core competency in today’s high performing workplace, yet most supervisors and managers have had little or no training in effective coaching. Poor performance often goes unchallenged in the workplace, with the hope it will somehow straighten out on its own. This process will help managers learn to be good coaches. This two-day workshop will help your supervisors and managers learn the strategies and skills to coach with confidence and deal with tough people issues.

Creating High Performing Management Teams
Effective teams are critical to performance improvement in most organizations today. Yet they are often poorly managed or not even encouraged to develop. The Creating High Performing Management Teams process provides proven approaches to creating and sustaining management teams that achieve their goals and get results.

Lead Like Jesus
The Lead Like Jesus workshop is based on the leadership model of Jesus Christ. It is designed to equip leaders to lead like Jesus by closely examining the scriptures and learning to apply the powerful and practical leadership principles that Jesus modeled to real life situations and challenges. Participants will experience impactful learning activities and reflection focusing on Jesus as a leader. Time will be spent exploring effective and practical ways to live your faith at work, home and in all relationships. The Lead Like Jesus Workshop was developed by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges.

Leadership, Attitudes and Motivation
Managing and leading people to greater success and job fulfillment are critical to effective leadership. This management development program builds the skills that managers and supervisors need to create high-performing teams, improve communication, build trust and lead with confidence. This hands-on program provides managers with the tools and strategies to capitalize on their key strengths, inspire their employees and accomplish corporate goals.

Mentoring for Success
Leadership training has declined over 11% in recent years, leaving a gap between the need for future leaders and those who are prepared to lead. And it was found that training increased productivity by 22.4%. In contrast, training plus coaching/mentoring increased productivity by 88.0%. Therefore, many organizations are discovering the need for a formal or informal mentoring program to fill this gap and ensure the transfer of training. Mentoring for Success is a two-day program to prepare leaders to successfully mentor others. The program focuses on the organization, communication, and teaching skills needed to be successful in mentoring.


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