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Who Should Attend
Directors, Managers, Principals, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Coaches and people who work in teams.
How You Will Benefit

This Team Process is designed to help teams:

  • Improve communication skills resulting in fewer errors and do-it-again projects.
  • Understand roles and goals resulting in personal responsibility and accountability.
  • Learn to solve people problems resulting in reduced interpersonal conflict but more healthy ideological conflict.
  • Discover & capitalize on strengths resulting in improved job performance.
  • Create collaborative working relationships resulting in greater efficiency & cooperation.
  • Develop effective self-managing strategies resulting in higher productivity.
  • Develop good decision-making skills resulting in reduced project cycle time.
Take Aways
  • Creating High Performing Teams Participant Manual
  • DiSC®  Behavioral Style Profile
  • Team Planner
  • Personal Development Plan
Creating High
Performing Teams
Improve Performance, Increase Productivity, Foster Teamwork and Create Positive Change

Creating High-Performing Teams is a people development strategy which provides employees proven approaches to creating and sustaining teams that achieve their goals and get results.  Participants of this workshop develop effective strategies to manage themselves and their working relationships.

Team members will discover and capitalize on their strengths, learn to value differences, and develop positive communication skills to work together successfully.  Five key behaviors for developing productive teams will be assessed and developed.


Participants in this workshop will:

  • Discover four types of teams and determine which they aspire to
  • Explore the Five R’s of effective teams – Reasons, Relationships, Responsibilities, Roles and Goals, and Results
  • Create a team performance challenge that will motivate the entire team
  • Discover their unique behavioral style and how to capitalize on strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • Examine ways to minimize interpersonal conflict yet foster ideological conflict
  • Cultivate effective team decision making
  • Practice ways to hold each other accountable for individual and team results

Creating High Performing Teams  is a five-module process often delivered in a two-day seminar where participants learn the foundational principles of developing the skills and and tactics for building high functioning work teams.  Follow up sessions are available in the following three, six and nine months to reinforce core content.  Weekly team meetings are scheduled to ensure course principles are being utilized, goals are being achieved and team members are experiencing success on the job.                                
Course Content Outline

  • Introduction:  Explore the different types of teams and decide which is desirable for this team.
  • Module One: Reasons
    Create a clear direction by cultivating the mission, vision and values of the team.  Create an inspiring “thematic rallying cry” that provides motivation for all team members.
  • Module Two: Relationships
    Develop people skills to maintain and build positive team relationships. Discover the style of each team member and how to maximize strengths and minimize limitations.
  • Module Three: Responsibilities
    Understand team dynamics and responsibilities – how to communicate honestly and openly, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and encourage ideological conflict.
  • Module Four: Roles and Goals
    Get the “right people on the bus, in the right seats.”  Develop goals that improve performance and increase productivity.
  • Module Five: Results
    Learn the four stages of team development, and how to move the team to the most productive stage.  Determine ways to make team meetings more effective, and make decisions that lead to great results for your team.