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Who Should Attend
Anyone responsible for designing or delivering sales presentations, product demonstrations, business speeches or short training sessions
How You Will Benefit

Participants in this program will:

  • Learn to design and deliver an effective and engaging presentation
  • Become skilled at using body language, voice tone and gestures to strengthen presentations
  • Use techniques that overcome fear and manage presentation jitters
  • Develop confidence that projects a position of influence, poise and authenticity.
  • Become skilled at controlling and redirecting a challenging member of the audience
  • Avoid “death by PowerPoint”, and use visuals effectively
Take Aways
  • High Impact Presentations Participant Manual
  • How to Deliver Powerful Presentations That Get Results textbook
  • Presentations Planner
  • Goal Setting Guide


High Impact
Presentation Skills
Putting Punch, Power and Pizzazz into Your Presentations

High Impact Presentation Skills workshop is designed to model and teach effective presentation skills and strategies that will dramatically increase the impact of a business speech, product demonstration, sales presentation or short training session.   Participants will learn clear and simple methods for creating presentations that engage and prompt the audience to take action.

High Impact Presentation Skills delivers proven, practical, immediately usable presentation techniques and tools.   Participants learn how to transform their business presentations from run-of- the-mill lecture formats and boring PowerPoint info dumps to dynamic, interactive presentations that engage and empower their audience.


Participants will:

  • Learn how to develop a high impact presentation
  • Understand the core competencies of effective presenters, and benchmark current presentation skills
  • Determine when and how to use unique ways to energize and engage audience members
  • Learn to use alternative methods to presenting content other than dry, boring PowerPoint lecture formats
  • Discover the power of effective body language and vocal variety to communicate key points of a presentation
  • Explore powerful closing techniques that cause the audience to take action or retain content
  • Discover methods of deflecting negative or disruptive audience members
  • Learn methods to calm fears when delivering a presentation

High Impact Presentations Skills is a two-day workshop that includes a trainer practicum where participants prepare and deliver several presentations to the instructor and class mates for coaching and feedback.

Course Content Outline:

  • Organization Methods – Discover how to decrease preparation time while providing a format to capture the content of your presentation.
  • Common Types of Presentations -   Explore three purposes of any presentation, and learn how to design and deliver your content to meet your specific outcomes.
  • Effective Presentation Openers and Closers - Discover why effective openings and powerful closings can make or break your presentation.  Learn how to create a dynamic presentation opener and a powerful, memorable close.
  • Asking and Answering Questions - Add depth and interest to presentations by learning the do’s and don’ts of Q&A sessions.
  • Facilitation Techniques – Discover how to handle interruptions, bridge content and keep the presentation moving forward.
  • Interactive Presentation Methods – Discover ways to  involve and engage the audience in your presentation.
  • Promote Confidence and Minimize Fear - Learn the key steps to preparation and the six P’s that help build confidence and overcome stage fright.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Using Visuals - Ineffective use of Power Point presentations, handouts and other visuals can shut down the audience or prospect.  Learn how to design and use effective visuals and avoid “death by Power Point.”
  • 10 Deadly Sins of a Poor Presenter - Your professionalism and integrity is on the line during a presentation.  Learn how to project the best image and demonstrate the highest level of excellence and authenticity.