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Who Should Attend
Anyone who seeks to influence the thoughts, actions or development of people toward accomplishing a goal in their personal/professional lives.
How You Will Benefit

Participants of this workshop will:

  • Gain a new appreciation for Jesus as a viable role model for leadership in the 21st century.
  • Get insights into the common struggles and strategies of leaders walking their faith at home, work, church and in their community.
  • Gain direction on the path of discovering or refining your leadership point of view.
  • Have a meaningful experience with five of the ways that Jesus stayed focused and on purpose with His leadership assignment from the Father.
  • Get a feeling of support from a faith-based community.
  • Recommit to a better way to lead – with Jesus as your model and the Holy Spirit as your teacher.
  • Gain tools to assess your current leadership motivations and behaviors and a method for re-aligning them daily
  • Explore your own personal leadership motivation, thinking, behavior and habits in light of the mandate to Lead Like Jesus.
  • Find an effective and practical way to live your faith at work, at home and in all your relationships.
  • Create a positive leadership legacy for those who will follow in your footsteps.
  • Apply the powerful and practical leadership principles of Jesus to real life situations
  • Develop a personal next step and long-range plan to integrate Lead Like Jesus into all elements of your leadership activity
Take Aways
  • Lead Like Jesus Participant Manual
  • On-line e-devotions
Lead Like Jesus
A Practical, Inspirational Leadership Experience

Lead Like Jesus workshop affords participants an interactive experience designed to introduce Jesus as a leader and begin the transformational process of becoming a servant leader.  During the workshop participants will dig into the scriptures and find perfect leadership examples of Jesus that have lasted over 2000 years.

Lead Like Jesus guides participants through a Discovery process of the key principles by which Jesus led others, and to build those principles into their own lives.


Participants of this workshop will:

  • Discover the Transformational Model that makes all the difference
  • Learn how to Altar your EGO
  • Practice the servant leadership model Jesus taught
  • Uncover how leaders determine direction and then help serve those who serve others
  • Write your own mission statement
  • Discover the developmental model Jesus followed in building His Disciples and followers
  • Determine a plan for how to build others
  • Practice the habits of Jesus

The Lead Like Jesus Encounter is a 1½ day workshop.  Throughout the Lead Like Jesus Encounter participants will explore effective and practical ways to live their faith at work, home and in all relationships.      Whether you lead a corporation, church or a family, leading like Jesus will transform your life and the lives of those you touch.  

Course Content Outline:

Module One
: The Heart of a Servant Leader:
Why leaders lead:  What is our motivation as a leader, whether as head of a family, church or large corporation?

Module Two: The Habits of a Servant Leader:

How leaders stay on track:   How do you refresh and renew yourself as a leader?.

Module Three: The Head of a Servant Leader:

What leaders think:  What are your beliefs and viewpoints about leadership?

Module Four:
The Hands of a Servant Leader:
What leaders do:   Do you set clear goals and measure performance, consistently following up with those you lead?
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